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Help Us End Distracted Driving

 April is National End Distracted Driving Month  The Law Offices of Lucas|Magazine are taking a stand to help end distracted driving. Our attorneys feel personally called to join the efforts started by the Casey Feldman Foundation. The firm was recently approved and is eager to share the End Distracted Driving Presentation with local high school students through assemblies and classroom presentations. As parents and residents of the cities we work in, we are honored to be able to share this time and connect within the communities we serve.When hearing about “distracted driving” you may be quick to think of teens behind...

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Composite Hernia Mesh Recall

As many as 40% of hernia repair procedures between 2010-16 used a composite meshes, that are now failing on patients. Are you or a loved one living every day in pain suffering from blockage, adhesions, and infections that may be caused by your hernia mesh?  If you had a hernia mesh implanted subsequent to 2010, you may be eligible to seek compensation. The Atrium C-QUR patch and Ethicon PHYSIOMESH patch have shown evidence of failure, thereby requiring additional surgical procedures for intervention/correction of the recurrence.Hernia mesh devices were placed on the market despite inadequate testing, trials and proper warning of concerns from physicians. In...

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Tell Congress to Protect Your Case and Your Rights!

Contact Congress today! Congress is pushing legislation on what is called the Fairness in Class Action Litigation Act of 2017, this will make lawsuits – including yours – nearly impossible to pursue. These bills will rig the system against individuals like you, and tip the scales in favor of powerful corporate defendants.  It will essentially keep you from seeking legal recourse against corporations that engage in activities that ignore signs that their products cause health problems, environmental destruction and more.   We need to send a strong message to Congress that these anti-civil justice bills must fail.If you agree that it is...

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Another PETITION DISMISSED pursuant to INJUNCTION AGAINST REPEAT VIOLENCE for Criminal Defense Attorney Clementine “CC” Conde!

PETITION DISMISSED pursuant to INJUNCTION AGAINST REPEAT VIOLENCE for Criminal Defense Criminal Defense Attorney Clementine “CC” Conde’s client was found not guilty! CC’s client was a high school student responding to an INJUNCTION AGAINST REPEAT VIOLENCE, filed by another student. The allegations were that the client committed two (2) acts of Battery on the petitioner, as well as other acts of intimidation. While still attending high school, the client was present for the six (6) hours of testimony over two (2) separate court dates.If you find yourself seeking legal representation for an Injunction for Repeat or Domestic Violence for Criminal Defense,...

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Another NOT GUILTY Verdict for Criminal Defense Attorney Clementine “CC” Conde!

Another NOT GUILTY Verdict for Criminal Defense After a weeklong trial before the Pasco Country Court, the court delivered a NOT GUILTY verdict. The case involved an allegation of Sexual Battery, upon a physically helpless person. Never having faced any acquisitions or charges previously such as these, the client sought legal representation from Attorney Clementine “CC” Conde.The state tried to push Felony Battery of the First Degree on the client. The client would have faced thirty (30) years in prison if convicted as guilty. An offer was made to serve five (5) years of probation. The client rejected all the state’s...

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Learn More About Attorney Danny Burgess

 [embed]https://youtu.be/b6IDdCwMlVU[/embed]Meet Attorney Danny Burgess  Danny Burgess Jr. was born and raised in East Pasco County, FL. As a freshman in college and only 18 years old, Danny was first elected to the Zephyrhills City Council. Making him the youngest elected official in the State of Florida. in 2011 Danny received his Juris Doctor from Barry University School of Law. Danny served as a Captain in the United States Army Reserve as a Judge Advocate. At the age of 26, Burgess served as the mayor of Zephyrhills. In 2014, Danny was elected to the Florida House of Representatives to represent the 38th District....

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Safety Routines to Build for 2017

The countdown is down and we are now already in the second week of the new year. Many of us may be questioning our commitment to our resolutions for 2017. Did you know only 8% of resolutions are actually followed through? It’s never too late to develop a new habit, rather than a resolution. So why not elect a simple safety oriented routine? Here are some vehicle safety orientated manners you can practice for a safer driving experience. Plug it in & Put it away. As soon as you get into any vehicle it’s almost second nature to buckle up. After securing...

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New Port Richey Injury Attorney | FAQ| Why Do I Need a Personal Injury Attorney?

Individuals who are hurt or have been injured in a car accident or have a personal injury due to the negligence of another need a personal injury attorney to make sure they are treated fairly in their efforts to regain their health and navigate what can be a very complicated insurance claim or claims, and in some instances litigation.At Lucas|Magazine we routinely handle all auto accident related personal injury claims from start to finish.If necessary, we file law suits and take the insurance companies to trial to protect our client’s interests.It is imperative that you hire a personal injury attorney...

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New Port Richey Criminal Defense Attorney | FAQ | “What Is Criminal Law?”

[FAQ] What is Criminal Law?  Answered by New Port Richey Criminal Defense Attorney Christopher Dyer At its core, criminal law is really just the set of rules governing how we behave, and when criminal laws are violated, are punishable by incarceration.Misdemeanors are punishable by a maximum of either 60 days or 1 year, depending on the seriousness, and felonies are punishable by a maximum of either 5 years, life, or death, depending on the seriousness.If you are accused of violating a criminal law, it is imperative that you have an attorney to help defend you, protect your rights, and ensure you...

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New Port Richey Injury Law Firm | Now Hiring | (727) 849-5353

Busy and growing Plaintiff Personal Injury Law Firm in search of Experienced Plaintiff Personal Injury Litigation Paralegal.Applicant MUST HAVE SIGNIFICANT PLAINTIFF PERSONAL INJURY LITIGATION EXPERIENCE plus experience with Federal Court.Our firm litigates our personal injury cases and also litigates for other attorneys. We do take our cases to trial, so applicant MUST have extensive experience in plaintiff personal injury litigation.Our litigation attorneys are Florida Bar Board Certified Civil Trial Lawyers so your experience needs to be able to keep pace. If you meet or exceed these requirements, please email resume and salary requirements immediately.Salary is comparable for the area, and...

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