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Used and Hand-Me-Down Car Seats

Hand-Me-Down and Used Car Seats

Maintaining Safety While Saving Previously Used Car Seats Families with multiple children will often debate whether or not to reuse a car seat when available. If anyone can outgrow something fast, babies have us all beat. So usually a hand-me- down car seat from your growing child to your youngest might be welcomed with opened arms. Who doesn’t want to re-purpose, recycle but most of all reduce cost? Here's some great ways of how to maintain safety, if you choose to use a previously used car seat. According the NHTSA if you can check five items off this safety checklist, used car seats are alright if: ...

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Damage to car seat after an accident

Damage to Car Seat After an Accident

Why a car seat is possibly damaged now You have your car repaired after an accident, but you cannot have a car seat repaired. Replacing your child’s safety device is the safest option after an accident. People often assume with no immediate signs of damage to a car seat, it is still properly functional. However, car seats have hidden elements and only some show they functioned and performed their job in an accident. According to the NHTSA after moderate and severe accidents car seats and boosters should be replaced. Some signs to help spot the urgency of replacing a safety seat are: ...

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No Pics, No Proof

Have you ever had a friend ask “no pics, no proof?” Today people ask for pictures to justify it really did happen. With a camera in your pocket or purse it has never been easier to document day to day life. Pictures quickly increase the validity of your claim. Details can be quickly overlooked or forgotten. Injuries as well as damage can be seen and truly validated from creditable shots.   What are some good pictures to take? Vehicle photos How the vehicles collided (while still collided if possible) Areas of impact Bumpers Any dents/scratches Tire placement, as well as the surrounding road ...

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Do I really need to tell my attorney everything?

Do I really need to tell my attorney everything

Do I really need to tell my attorney everything? Article by Attorney Harmony J. Widman Once you retain an attorney to represent you after an automobile accident you may be worried about what to share with them both about the accident and about previous circumstances. You may even feel tempted to hold back information from your attorney but is imperative that you fight that urge. You attorney’s job is to protect you and represent you to the best of their ability. Your attorney will be most effective when they know the whole story and can prepare for any potential pitfalls or snags...

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Do I really need to see a doctor after my accident?

Do I really need to see a doctor

Do I really need to see a doctor after my accident? Article by Attorney Harmony Widman Everyone knows the familiar sounds and lights of ambulance, police and firefighters surrounding an accident, but not everyone involved in an accident seeks medical evaluation and treatment after the accident. Medical treatment should not be limited to only the most severe automobile accidents. It is actually recommended that anyone involved in an automobile accident see their doctor after an accident to ensure they are actually okay and receive medical clearance. Medical clearance simply means that the doctor has examined you and found that there does not appear...

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Can I afford to hire an attorney after my automobile accident?

Can I afford to hire an attorney

Can I afford to hire an attorney after my automobile accident? Written by attorney Harmony J. Widman   If you are in an automobile accident and you speak to the insurance adjuster before hiring an attorney, they will most likely try to convince you not to hire an attorney. One of the most common reasons insurance adjusters try to dissuade you from hiring an attorney is that “attorneys are too expensive.” The reality is that it is expensive for the insurance company NOT the accident victim because injury claims handled by attorneys recover substantially more money on average than accident victims who do...

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Opioid Epidemic Prescribed by Pharma

Opioid Epidemic Prescribed by Pharma

Opioid Epidemic Prescribed by Pharma Big pharmaceuticals and distributers have perpetrated this fraud on the American people, and created the Opioid Epidemic. Doctors duped to believe medications such as oxytocin hydrocodone were non-addictive. Unfortunately, now everyone has realized the addictive perplexities. Yet doctors have not stopped writing the prescriptions. This epidemic has hit every walk of society, and continues to devastate more. Pharma Fails to Comply with Federal Statutes Distributers ensured a safe monitoring and regulation on prescription opioids. They were to notify the DEA and stop suspicious orders. Yet they failed to comply with the reporting standards, and kept filling orders. Their...

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Terrific All The Way Through

Terrific all the way through

Terrific all the way through Not often will someone use the explanation of "terrific all the way through" for their personal injury experience. The legal process which follows an accident can be a very difficult and confusing experience. Many times legal representation is sought as a result of the rush and pushiness of insurance agencies. Our clients in the video below first heard of us through a commercial initially following their automobile accident. It's often a smoother process when representation is sought early. Here at the Law Offices of Lucas|Magazine we strive to represent our clients how they want to be presented....

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1.56 Million Awarded for Trial Verdict in Hernando County

1.56 Verdict awarded for the client

Great job Attorney Martin Macyszyn and Trial Team Congratulations to Attorney Martin Macyszyn for securing a verdict yesterday in favor of our Personal Injury Client for 1.56 Million! Great job to the entire trial team here at the Law Offices of Lucas|Magazine. Should you or a loved one ever need a Personal Injury Attorney the Law Offices of Lucas|Magazine has a full Litigation Department as well as Trial team. We are ready to be there for you from your initial intake at any of our four offices, all the way to the courtroom. Consultations are always free, and there are no fees unless you win....

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Client Testimonial: “I didn’t have to worry about it because they were 100% behind me”

 The Law Offices of Lucas|Magazine are behind you 100% At the Law Offices of Lucas|Magazine we understand a Personal Injury can be a daunting matter. We are proud to be the reliability and responsibility our clients need during such time. Rather than worry, we help each client focus their priorities on their treatment and recovery. Referrals from an adjuster are rare. The client in the video below was referred from his daughter who is a claim adjuster for an insurance company. She had known of Attorney Jim Magazine and highly recommended him for her dad's representation. Always being there for our clients...

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