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Used and Hand-Me-Down Car Seats

Hand-Me-Down and Used Car Seats

Maintaining Safety While Saving Previously Used Car Seats Families with multiple children will often debate whether or not to reuse a car seat when available. If anyone can outgrow something fast, babies have us all beat. So usually a hand-me- down car seat from your growing child to your youngest might be welcomed with opened arms. Who doesn’t want to re-purpose, recycle but most of all reduce cost? Here's some great ways of how to maintain safety, if you choose to use a previously used car seat. According the NHTSA if you can check five items off this safety checklist, used car seats are alright if: ...

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Damage to car seat after an accident

Damage to Car Seat After an Accident

Why a car seat is possibly damaged now You have your car repaired after an accident, but you cannot have a car seat repaired. Replacing your child’s safety device is the safest option after an accident. People often assume with no immediate signs of damage to a car seat, it is still properly functional. However, car seats have hidden elements and only some show they functioned and performed their job in an accident. According to the NHTSA after moderate and severe accidents car seats and boosters should be replaced. Some signs to help spot the urgency of replacing a safety seat are: ...

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