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Used and Hand-Me-Down Car Seats

Hand-Me-Down and Used Car Seats

Maintaining Safety While Saving Previously Used Car Seats Families with multiple children will often debate whether or not to reuse a car seat when available. If anyone can outgrow something fast, babies have us all beat. So usually a hand-me- down car seat from your growing child to your youngest might be welcomed with opened arms. Who doesn’t want to re-purpose, recycle but most of all reduce cost? Here's some great ways of how to maintain safety, if you choose to use a previously used car seat. According the NHTSA if you can check five items off this safety checklist, used car seats are alright if:...

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Do I really need to tell my attorney everything?

Do I really need to tell my attorney everything

Do I really need to tell my attorney everything? Article by Attorney Harmony J. WidmanOnce you retain an attorney to represent you after an automobile accident you may be worried about what to share with them both about the accident and about previous circumstances. You may even feel tempted to hold back information from your attorney but is imperative that you fight that urge. You attorney’s job is to protect you and represent you to the best of their ability. Your attorney will be most effective when they know the whole story and can prepare for any potential pitfalls or snags...

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Client testimonial: “Respectful and Caring”

Client Testimonial: Respectful and Caring

 The Law Offices of Lucas|Magazine are respectful and caring At the Law Offices of Lucas|Magazine we pride ourselves on personally representing you for your Personal Injury matter. In our latest client review we are referred to as respectful and caring. We treat each client with respect, asking what is new since we last met and how can we help. We pride ourselves on our communication standards for our clients including returning clients’ calls. The client in the video below was referred to attorney Jeff Lucas from a friend. Before the accident our client would play sports with friends and ride his bike...

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2017 School Supply Drive for Joshua House

2017 Joshua House School Supply Drive

Please help with our donation drive Join us as we help provide the students at the Joshua House with specific items to help them have a successful school year. The Friends of Joshua House could use some assistance with school supplies, uniforms, and clothing items. You may visit their website at specific items per the student. There you can sign up to sponsor the selected item(s) for the individual student(s). School supplies most requested this year:Large sturdy backpacks for teens White-out tape Mini Hand Sanitizers Small packets of tissues (for backpacks) Scotch tape Page protectors Thumb Drives Copy Paper Ear buds...

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“I got everything I needed, so I can at least be comfortable for the rest of my life.”

[embed]https://youtu.be/u2qh0DcuS_4?rel=0[/embed] "I got everything I needed, so I can at least be comfortable for the rest of my life."  Nothing beats a happy client. For example, when they say they can at least be comfortable for the rest of their lives. Especially after you know how much pain their accident brought them. At the Law Offices of Lucas|Magazine we truly take the time and dedication to help comfort our clients to the best of our ability every day.Here a client shares his experience with the Law Offices of Lucas|Magazine. After an ice cream truck left ice cream in the road, and an...

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Attorney James L. Magazine Super Lawyer Recipient for 2017

The Law Offices of Lucas|Magazine is proud to announce Attorney Jim Magazine has been awarded the title as a Super Lawyer for the year of 2017! Nominated by his peers who have personally observed him in action, Jim is proud to have been awarded the honor as a Super Lawyer for six (6) years now.  The Selection Process Super Lawyers has a four-step selection process, to allow attorneys of all ages and experience an opportunity for the title of Super Lawyer. First, an attorney must receive a nomination from their legal peers. Mr. Magazine greatly appreciates the recognition received from his fellow...

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Help Us End Distracted Driving

 April is National End Distracted Driving Month  The Law Offices of Lucas|Magazine are taking a stand to help end distracted driving. Our attorneys feel personally called to join the efforts started by the Casey Feldman Foundation. The firm was recently approved and is eager to share the End Distracted Driving Presentation with local high school students through assemblies and classroom presentations. As parents and residents of the cities we work in, we are honored to be able to share this time and connect within the communities we serve.When hearing about “distracted driving” you may be quick to think of teens behind...

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Composite Hernia Mesh Recall

As many as 40% of hernia repair procedures between 2010-16 used a composite meshes, that are now failing on patients. Are you or a loved one living every day in pain suffering from blockage, adhesions, and infections that may be caused by your hernia mesh?  If you had a hernia mesh implanted subsequent to 2010, you may be eligible to seek compensation. The Atrium C-QUR patch and Ethicon PHYSIOMESH patch have shown evidence of failure, thereby requiring additional surgical procedures for intervention/correction of the recurrence.Hernia mesh devices were placed on the market despite inadequate testing, trials and proper warning of concerns from physicians. In...

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Safety Routines to Build for 2017

The countdown is down and we are now already in the second week of the new year. Many of us may be questioning our commitment to our resolutions for 2017. Did you know only 8% of resolutions are actually followed through? It’s never too late to develop a new habit, rather than a resolution. So why not elect a simple safety oriented routine? Here are some vehicle safety orientated manners you can practice for a safer driving experience. Plug it in & Put it away. As soon as you get into any vehicle it’s almost second nature to buckle up. After securing...

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What You Need To Know About Litigation

Sometimes lawyer verbiage can be a little bit confusing, so today we are  going to share with you what litigation is and how our firm stands out in this area. There are a lot of personal injury attorneys out there, but many of those same personal injury attorneys will not take your case to trial, if a satisfactory settlement is not reached. When you hire Lucas Magazine, we handle your file from intake to trial. We are in the courtroom fighting for your rights. At Lucas Magazine we begin preparing your case for trial from the moment you walk through the...

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