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Injury law covers an extensive spectrum of problems whenever one has been physically or psychologically injured, or personal property has been Damaged. Personal Injury Law is concerned with determining who might be responsible (who is “liable for causing injury). Personal injury law(s) could be categorized within the following three broad categories, or degrees of problem: carelessness, deliberate torts and product liability torts.

Although The Law Offices of Lucas | Magazine can never “Gurantee” the results of a case, we are able to guarantee that we will work hard on your behalf (with you and for you). We will always supply sound, objective guidance, and be part of decision-making process. All of us routine attend meetings to examine our progress along with you and to ensure that we’re informed regarding your progress. We always do everything in our power to increase the recovery for you, with a focus on being quick, efficient and professional – That is our Guarantee.

Unfortunately, we cannot accept each and every case that people consult with us on – however, we never charge for giving sound advice and for consulting with you regarding your case. In every personal injury cases, The Law Offices of Lucas | Magazine provides intense representation in personal injury victims.

Clearwater Personal Injury Areas of Expertise

Clearwater Personal Injury Attorney - Automobile-Accidents

Clearwater Auto Accidents

Clearwater Personal Injury Attorney -Bus-Accidents

Clearwater Bus Accidents

Clearwater Personal Injury Attorney - Motorcycle-Accidents

Clearwater Motorcycle Accidents

Clearwater Personal Injury Attorney - Premises-Liability

Clearwater Premises Liability

Clearwater Personal Injury Attorney - Truck Accidents

Clearwater Truck Accidents

Clearwater Personal Injury Attorney - Wrongful-Death

Clearwater Wrongful Death


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